Keeping it R.E.A.L.
Relevant - Empowering - Authentic - Loving

We exist to bring faith, hope and love to all people because
they are made in God’s image and likeness. We place a strong
emphasis on unity and family values. We seek to find a need and
meet it, touch a hurt and heal it, listen to a problem and solve

Mission Statement

I will devote myself to the integrity of God’s Word.

I will grow to honor, worship, love, and serve Him.

I will reflect the image of God by remaining whole and fruitful.

I will daily grow in wisdom and in faith.

I am part of the Local Church with my time, talent and treasure.

I am committed to covenant relationships.

I welcome authority and accountability.

I will not allow selfish, short-term, superficial attitudes to destroy my family and friends.

As I develop my relationship with God, I am positioned to touch this world.

I will prosper. It is a healthy sign that I am part of the Kingdom of God.

It is necessary for me to create wealth with the power that God gave me.

I will be a channel of resource for God and for His pursuits.

I am part of the solution to the spiritual and social pollution of my community.

I will prevail against any spiritual force that denies me access to the right of my inheritance.

This is my Heavenly Father’s World . . .

The Economical, Educational, and Entertainment environment of this region are my responsibility.

This is My Mission . . .

This is My Mandate . . .