Kids Ministry

The Kids ministry of the Church of the Hills is devoted to training kids in the scriptures so they can build a life whereby the Holy Spirit is free to communicate inside their hearts and imaginations in an unhindered way. As kids are trained in the Word, they will grow to discern the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, and light and darkness. And in their journey they will be inspired to dream the great things that God has for them! “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” (1Corinthians 2:9)


Day Dreamers: Infants

The tenderest of dreamers, their imaginations gaze about and seek to discover God’s love through affectionate smiles, kind embrace and peaceful security.


Little Dreamers: Toddlers

Scriptural seeds are planted to help young minds to discover that God has a way and a path to right thinking and correct thoughts and imaginations.


Dream Machine: Pre-Kindergarten

Age appropriate instruction is given in an inspiring way to reward correct thoughts and spirit led imaginations.


Imagination Station: First – Fifth Graders

Kids are now being trained to clearly understand the scriptures they have already learned to memorize, discovering the importance of having a “sound mind” as they apply God’s Word to their imaginations and lives.


Pure Imagination: Sixth – Eighth Graders

The idea of “Purity” is pleasing to God. And by this time, middle school kids will understand and learn to desire the value and skill to forming and holding onto “Pure Imaginations”.